Today, everything is a brand.
Recognizing what message – and which messenger – will inspire collective action is critical to defining, protecting and growing your brand.
To do that, you need a firm with the capabilities to shape public perception, reach wide and diverse market segments, start conversations and steer consumer behavior.
Res Publica Group brings unrivaled experience and a trusted team of strategists, communicators, creative specialists, marketing and advertising experts.
We are a full-service strategic communications firm providing public affairs and media relations, corporate communications, creative services, advertising, and digital marketing expertise.

Public Affairs and
Media Relations
In today’s media landscape, if you are not driving the narrative, someone else is. Res Publica Group is a trusted partner for organizations looking to establish and protect their reputations, grow audiences and advocate for change. We know how to tell a story, what platforms and which messengers will reach and influence your intended audiences.
Obtained community
support and regulatory approval for
complicated referendum
and development projects
throughout the region in
the past 12 months.
In industries like healthcare where change is the new normal, meticulous attention to detail is required when navigating highly sensitive communications challenges. Companies in transition turn to Res Publica Group to manage the rollout of new strategic initiatives, mergers and acquisitions. We ensure that all messages are aligned and speak to both internal and external stakeholders.
Facilitated 8 mergers
and acquisitions that have impacted more than
employees since 2015.
In order to rise above the noise, you need to be able to show, not just tell, your story. Res Publica Group understands how to make that happen. Our in-house creative services team has the right set of tools to help brands engage audiences and elevate their brand identity. We offer a full suite of services that includes corporate rebranding, marketing, advertising, graphic and web design, photography and video production.
Renamed, branded and executed a comprehensive
communications rollout for a new
$ 6 B
international wholesale
beverage company in 2016.

The RPG Lifecycle

At every phase in your story, you must navigate and manage the impressions and expectations of audiences. Res Publica Group identifies those audiences and crafts high-impact communications programs that allow us to influence how your story is told.

Leveraging our RPG Lifecycle, we take our clients carefully through
each stage of the framework below:



We DEFINE your brand for your audiences. We use graphic and web design, video and photography and develop messaging that allows audiences to identify with your story. We set the tone and the pace before others can do it for you.


We are everywhere a story is told – online and off, in boardrooms, in courtrooms and in the community. From New York to Nevada and Springfield to South Bend, we ACTIVATE your brand by organizing allies, advocating at the grassroots level and promoting it wherever your audiences consume messages.


Once your story begins, we must MAINTAIN the image we have created together. We media train. We leverage relationships in the community and in the newsroom to ensure that your audiences are continually engaged in your story.


Good stories usually have villains and heroes. We are crisis communications experts and reputation managers. We PROTECT your brand from issues that can threaten your story.


Some stories have a beginning, a middle and an end. To us, helping you GROW means defining the next chapter in your story.