Even within our office,
we tell a story.

One that we are
especially proud of.
Every spring, summer and fall, we select two aspiring communicators from a large group of applicants to join Res Publica’s internship program. We challenge them to ask questions, to learn, and to give us their best. We introduce them to a world of opportunities they have yet to imagine and provide them an experience to engage with our clients, to meet outstanding leaders, to garner attention and to drive change. In turn, we ask for the "hat off their head." These hats live on display in our largest conference room, overlooking Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, and together they tell the story of this industry’s future.

The schools represented are some of the most well-regarded across our country,
like the young professionals who once wore them. We are proud of that, and even prouder that we continue to play a meaningful role in the mentoring, career development and lives of our next generation of communicators.