Res Publica Group undertook a comprehensive program to define a new visual and brand identity that would resonate with national and international audiences. However, the transformation of two family-owned and branded companies into Breakthru Beverage Group entailed much more than a simple name change.
Our part of the Breakthru Beverage Group story begins with Chicago-based Wirtz family, whose alcohol beverage distribution network was among the largest in the country. Our team has seen them through a series of acquisitions since 2008, however in 2015, the company announced it would join with the Charmer Sunbelt Group in a $6 billion merger.

During this time, the beverage industry was being disrupted both by several billion-dollar mergers and corporations fighting to preserve their legacies. In addition to being tapped to lead the communications strategy for the merger itself, Res Publica Group was also charged with developing a new, proprietary name, designing a unique visual identity and building an international reputation for the Breakthru brand. In an industry with thousands of already established brands, our task was more complex than picking a name and color scheme.

Our communications approach complimented the branding work by bringing together the brand story, the family legacies and the business ambitions for the future. Much of our work focused on internal and partner audiences, using vehicles such as video, collateral materials, media, social engagement and direct personal outreach to tell their new story. In times of change, being transparent, thoughtful, proactive and personal go a long way to easing the transition.

Today, the story of Breakthru Beverage Group is well established and setting the tone for a future of growth and innovation.