Res Publica Group navigated local issues and designed and executed a sequenced public relations strategy to guide the opening of the MB Ice Arena – Chicago Blackhawks Community Rink. Through on-the-ground and targeted outreach efforts, we helped Chicago Blackhawks gain public approval for the $65 million, privately-funded facility and generate excitement across the region – celebrated as an opportunity for the community to learn how to skate and develop a love and passion for a sport that means so much to Chicago.
Chicago Blackhawks MB Ice Arena
Our goal was to effectively communicate Chicago Blackhawks’ growing commitment to the community. The first step in our sequenced strategy was to engage with elected officials to gain public approval, turning the Blackhawks’ plans for a community rink into reality. We worked in conjunction with City agencies to coordinate all public meetings, material development, notification distribution and sequencing between team ownership and management, the Mayor’s Office, the local Alderman and community leaders.

By establishing regular communication with community stakeholders, we could gain support and activate advocates within the community and help secure regulatory approvals critical to the development. Key to success was creating a steady drumbeat of news, regularly celebrating key project milestones and events.

The story of Chicago Blackhawks’ commitment to the community is ongoing, and continues to expand as the ownership and management team regularly seeks new opportunities to give back to its hometown. Today, the MB Ice Arena – Chicago Blackhawks Community Rink is home to the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation and the many community programs it supports.