Res Publica Group has developed a number of multi-platform, multilingual advertising campaigns for CountyCare, Cook County Health and Hospitals System’s Medicaid Health Plan. Faced with never-ending market change, competition and consolidation, CountyCare must continue to distinguish and market itself as a health plan of choice.
The last few years have represented unprecedented change in health care. Nowhere is that more evident than in Illinois’ Medicaid market. Through research-backed strategies, Res Publica Group has helped CountyCare, Cook County Health and Hospitals System’s Medicaid Health Plan, stay ahead of the curve and remain in a position of strength.

Starting in 2014, we worked to protect CountyCare’s position as other Medicaid health plans entered the market. A heavy brand awareness effort did just that: Brand awareness and favorability among target audiences grew significantly – 17 percentage points and 13 percentage points, respectively. Our efforts have since expanded to include digital advertising, a new website and marketing programs designed to further retain and grow membership.

Only a few years later, the market is preparing for another major shift – this time with the consolidation of the number of health plans operating in Illinois. Building on the audience-tested messages and creative concepts, we have deployed a refreshed CountyCare-branded campaign that makes no mistake about the value the plan delivers to its members. Our support extends to the plan’s success in acquiring two competitors and their members as well as providing ongoing counsel, branding and web development expertise.