Res Publica Group designed and executed a communications strategy for U.S. Silica to educate audiences and gain support for expanded operations across the Midwest at a time when growing demand for oil and gas in the U.S. brought increased public attention to one unexpected industry – sand mining.
Res Publica Group has worked with U.S. Silica, a leading producer of industrial minerals, on a number of facility developments and expansions – from greenfield projects to major capital investments. We developed research and data-driven communications strategies that told the brand story of a strong partner and a responsible operator.

Our goal was to define and personalize the U.S Silica story. Key to success was creating a steady drumbeat of communication. We developed a toolkit of presentation and outreach materials, proactively updated key audiences on progress and milestones and made sure to connect with audiences everywhere they consumed messages – in their homes, at community centers and in their neighborhoods. At the same time, we proactively anticipated and addressed community concerns, and corrected myths as they arose. By establishing this transparency in communication, we were able to gain support and activate advocates within each community and help secure regulatory approvals critical to U.S. Silica’s growth.

That same brand story was told repeatedly through the design, development and distribution of an annual Sustainability Report. Today, U.S. Silica’s legacy of engagement and reputation for transparency in communication has built a reservoir of goodwill that will support the company’s continued growth.